More than meets the eye

It is not uncommon for people to think that Employment Services, Inc. (ESI) is a temp placement agency or a traditional staffing agency. But ESI is much more than that and is quite different than the traditional staffing agency. ESI goes well beyond recruiting candidates and placing employees in jobs. They provide a broad range of human resource services for their client companies. They manage the entire scope of work from recruiting candidates for employment to on boarding new hires, from benefits management to safety requirement monitoring and implementation, and handling additional employee issues. For people looking for work, one of the benefits to looking for help from ESI is that ESI staff are very knowledgeable of, and close to, the unique group of companies they represent. They work hard to place qualified applicants in facilities and positions that are a best fit for their goals, personalities, and competencies. Because ESI staff are intimately familiar with the work of each client, their processes and leadership/team personalities, they can ask appropriate questions of candidates to get a good feel for where a candidate would be most productive and feel most valued. The jobs that the ESI team helps connect people with are more than jobs. They are careers with a tremendous amount of opportunity for growth. The ESI team is made up of individuals who like to help others and who know that every time someone is placed with one of their client companies, they are opening the door for that person to create a very positive future for him/herself.