An Inside Look at a Sales Career

No kid dreams of growing up to be a salesperson….I know I didn’t, but here I am, with 36 years into a sales career – 27 years of it with ESI clients!

When I started at PCI in 1994 I had only retail customer service experience.  I had no mechanical or industrial sales exposure.  I was skeptical to apply for a PCI Customer Service position when a friend who was working in another department suggested it.  The sales team was small – nearly everyone was new to the industry.  Our company and product offering was virtually unknown – we were surrounded by long-standing competition with anywhere from decades to 50 years of a head start!  My first few weeks I kept thinking, “what have I gotten myself into?”

At that time, I had no idea just how many aspects of our everyday world I’d come in contact with and be a part of.  PCI’s products are now present in nearly every industry.  Our components are in demand on farming and construction equipment for cultivation of the food we eat and the extraction of rock, gems, and minerals.  Our products are needed for the production of our health and beauty supplies, clothes, and building materials.  The transportation industry utilizes us for car production, as well as sea, railway and airport use.  Our products are even used in the entertainment industry – theme parks, concert halls and movie sets!

Early on I discovered each and every customer had a different application- no sale was the same.  I was speaking with customers from all over the USA and Canada – each with varied levels of what they needed.  This new “sales job” quickly transitioned into detective work of sorts, and a teaching position, with negotiating skills all in one.  There was no time for boredom- each sales call provided an opportunity to help someone by sharing our solutions as well as learn something new about their equipment and industry.

I was fortunate to be surrounded by a great group of hard-working, dedicated individuals who genuinely cared for our customers.  From our receptionist who answered the first call, to the person to load our product in the delivery truck, our team was always committed to streamlining our customer’s maintenance needs and assisting them with their product selection.  I knew each and every person in our supply chain was going to do the right thing for the customer.  Their skills, craftmanship, and honest concern was, and still is a winning combination.  We’ve come a long way and grown immensely!  I’m proud to promote our products, our quality and our people to our clients.

When I overhear “so & so is just a salesperson”, “sales is so mundane” or “I’m looking for more of a career” I smile to myself… while the world does NOT revolve around salespeople  – we sure help make the world go around!

Wherever something needs to move, rotate or be conveyed –  ESI client products and people- each and every one of us, help make it happen.

Contributed by Maureen Bolda