Consider the Total Compensation and Benefits Package

Whether hourly or salary, you likely know what your wages are. If you are hourly, you know how your pay will change when you work overtime. You might even remember when, and how much, your most recent raise was. But when it comes to your compensation, do you know as much detail about your benefits as you do your salary? Benefits are often overlooked when it comes to thinking about how you are compensated.

ESI clients provide significantly greater value than the number in an employee’s paycheck. For full-time employees who participate, their employer is also providing health insurance. They are paying 100% of a monthly premium and contributing weekly to an HSA (Health Savings Account). For full-time employees who have been with their ESI client employer for over a year and meet required criteria, their employer is also matching a portion of their 401(k) contributions. Employees can participate in a tuition reimbursement program. There is also earned paid time off and holiday pay. ESI client employees are also eligible for a discretionary bonus program – a robust program that rewards those who provide value. These extras can add up to a significant contribution by your employer. Not all businesses offer benefits to this degree, making ESI clients unique.

When you think about your compensation, consider the full package and remember it isn’t just about the base wage.