ESI Clients care deeply about their employees, customers and communities and are committed now, and always, to taking necessary actions to maintain healthy and safe environments while moving forward with business operations. On this page you will find resources and communication regarding the virus and the response of ESI Clients. This site will be updated regularly as new information is released.

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Actions Taken by ESI Clients

Using the most current recommendations from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, ESI and their client companies are closely monitoring the situation and will respond accordingly as things evolve. At this time, ESI Clients are believed to be essential businesses as they provide products and services to many customers in the medical, food, transportation, distribution, pharmaceutical, and other essential sectors.

  • Sent employees home who are able to work from home.
  • Implemented a rigorous sanitizing and disinfecting routine for facilities, with extra focus on commonly touched surfaces including manufacturing and office equipment.
  • Eliminated all non-essential entry into facilities.
  • Provided, and continue to provide, education to employees about steps they can take to protect themselves and others.
  • For employees unable to work from home, created or adjusted shift schedules to decrease number of employees in a space at one time, and increase space between them.
  • Adhere to a strict self-quarantine expectation of employees who fit the criteria.
  • Adhere to a strict expectation for employees who feel ill to stay home.
  • Evaluated and adjusted venting of facilities to ensure as much air flow from outside as possible.
  • Created a process to respond to an employee who receives a positive COVID-19 test with strict sanitizing procedures and quarantining for others.
  • Created guidelines and travel kit for employees who must travel for essential business travel.
  • Implemented a process to screen employees for possible exposure and illness prior to each shift worked (based on DHD4’s Emergency Executive Order 2020-1)
  • Offered masks to all on-site employees


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CAPTRUST Covid-19 resources and communication

For questions or concerns, please contact ESI or your leader.