Dave Hornick

Connecting People to Opportunity

If you’ve looked through the Employment Services, Inc. website (you must have looked at least a little if you’re here), you may have noticed the theme – opening the door to opportunity.

It is easy to understand what it means to connect someone with work. The ESI team considers an applicant’s competencies, compares that to the competencies ESI Clients desire, and then connects the two as appropriate.

But when we say connecting people to opportunities, what does that mean? It goes beyond placing someone in a job. It even goes beyond connecting people with a career. When we connect people with opportunity, we are giving them a chance to grow and develop in their career, both adding value and receiving greater value through their work. When we connect someone with opportunity, we are setting the stage for them to do great things in their career and make a valuable impact on the world, if they are interested and have what it takes.

What does it take? Let’s look at this from two perspectives. First, from the employer’s perspective. ESI Clients look for what they refer to as, “above the line” behaviors. You may have heard these referred to as, “soft skills” before. These behaviors include trust, respect, integrity, sincerity, commitment, loyalty, understanding, responsibility and reliability – and other positive behaviors. The people who show up on time every time, seek to learn regularly, communicate effectively, take ownership, are dependable, and work hard to get the job done are the people who will find plenty of opportunity with ESI Clients.

Second, let’s look at it from the employee’s perspective. The ESI team has a chance to visit with their clients’ team members regularly. They also engage in highlighting team members who stand out in a positive way. The ESI Team has found consistency in statements made by the team members who are chosen by their leaders as ones who stand out. Below are a few of the statements that demonstrate the pattern:

Orrin McConnell has been a welder with Specialty Pulley, Inc. for nearly seven years. He likes the work environment, the supportiveness of the team and leadership, and the incredible amount of opportunity that exists for him and the rest of the team. He shared, “If you are looking for opportunity, this is the place for it,” as he has seen the company grow consistently in his time there. When asked what he credits his success to, he says his work ethic and drive, which he got from his father, the pride he has in the work he produces, and the effort he puts in. “Because,” Orrin shared, “Why do it if you aren’t going to give it 100%?”

As the Plant Manager for NorthAmMfg., Inc., Brad Kash is in a role that is a great fit for his competencies and interests. Having been with ESI Client Companies since 2005, Brad has learned a lot about many different products, which, when combined with his wiring experience, made him the perfect person to run with the 24-volt conveyor product line. Brad likes living in Northeast Michigan and appreciates that he has found something that provides a competitive wage. He enjoys working with engineering to figuring out how to make things work. Some even call him the MacGyver of the 24-volt conveyor. Brad attributes his success in his career to his willingness to work hard and put in many hours, his positive attitude, and not accepting failure.

Dave Hornick says his work is much more than a job, it is a career that he enjoys every day. He is currently the Engineer for Rack Engineering Division but has held various roles with ESI Clients since 2000. What has kept Dave here for twenty years? He says the companies have been gracious to him and have allowed him to explore opportunities to grow. His responsibilities have increased over time, which is something he is proud of having accomplished. He believes his success can be attributed to the widespread teamwork that exists and his willingness to put in the effort required. Dave believes that if the company is successful, he is successful and that you get out of your career what you put into it.

In the two years since Amanda started working for Gran-Tech Manufacturing, LLC., she has already made a significant impact on the organization. She is in shipping and receiving and takes a lot of pride in making sure the products shipped out are the highest quality. She also enjoys her role in keeping the shop organized and clean, a place the entire team can be proud of. When asked what has led to her success with GTM, Amanda said showing up and doing her best every day. According to Amanda, GTM is a great place to work because of the opportunities for growth and the great leadership.

You can see from these that patterns exist when it comes to opportunity with ESI Clients. The people who put in the work, have a positive attitude, explore, and seek out additional opportunities to learn, are the ones who were, indeed, connected with opportunity.

When you read that ESI opens the door to opportunity, it isn’t just about what ESI does. ESI finds a good match and opens the door. It is up to the employee to treat it as an opportunity for growth and success in his or her career in order to realize the full potential of having walked through the door that ESI helped open.